Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day 14901

So, today as BluEyes and I were eating brunch we decided take a drive north of town next weekend to view the fall colors. I love fall. Spring is still my favorite time of year as new life comes forth out of the dead of winter, but fall is a close second. I like the still warm days and cool nights that allow me to sleep peacefully. I love the renewed activity of wildlife. And, of course, I really love viewing the leaves turning color. So that's our gameplan for next weekend.

Ever since I ate at a nearby deli here in Redding, I've wanted to visit a place near Dunsmuir, CA called Mossbrae Falls. The deli has a gorgeous photo of this place hanging on one of the walls. Anyway, I'm hoping the trees have been changing colors and that I can get some of my own photos.

I was snooping around the net and came across this webcam site. What a great idea! I know others enjoy taking in the fall colors as I do and here we can get a heads up or simply view what we can't get to. Very cool. Another site mentioned that northern California seems to be about 3 weeks ahead of schedule this year. I'm hoping our timing will be good. I'll be sure to post some photos from the trip at a later date.

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Blogger ~Just Michelle~ said...

Dude, go charge the battery in your camera! We need pictures!


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