Saturday, December 24, 2005

Day 14610

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Joyful Kwanzaa! Feisty Festivus!

Just a quickie of a blog entry to let everyone in on the gift I got for my Sweetie for our most spiritual commercial of holidays! So, here it is:

She loved it! I'll be picking up a similar model early next year and we both are so excited to play in our kayaks this summer!

Anyway, we had a really good evening exchanging gifts, chatting, and eating with the goobers and her mom and dad. I'll let her fill in the details on her blog if she wants.

Well, looks like a good time to get under some covers. Nighty-night!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Day 14608

I just finished reading all the blogs I could in one sitting. I have missed you all. It has been so long since I participated in this whole exercise, that I hardly remember how to link anymore!

Anywho, I was about to say that Michelle is sleeping, but it looks like my typing woke her up. "Sorry sweetie!" She is suffering from the onslaught of a cold. Me? I am doing well, except I don't want to sleep. I'm not suffering from insomnia, mind you, I simply want to stay awake. It's almost like I'm afraid I might miss something. Or someone. Maybe my fellow bloggers.

In catching up with you all, I was reminded why I adore many of the ladies (& gents) I've met in person or online. I found incredible wisdom, artistic talent, and humor. I found my High Infidelic sister, my Seemingly All-Knowing Keeper of That Which Matters Most, and, of course, I found my soulmate. She had some tough days leading up to her Christmas break. Sometimes one writes more than one says. That's ok. I really do understand that. I also caught up with the brothers I've never had. They're writers, photographers, musicians, and part-time geeks. They're pretty cool too.

Did I mention I've missed you all?

Well, I got caught up with you - here's the short version of my recent past:

1. Work has settled down. I still travel at least 2 days a week, but the problems have been relatively small ones lately. I'm not entirely sure I enjoy the challenges anymore.

2. Learning how to be an adult figure to two 15 year old boys has been a real challenge. Frequently frustrating. Very. It has also been surprisingly rewarding. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

3. I got Michelle a really great X-Mas gift off of E-Bay (with much distractionary aid from the goobers)! I can't tell you what it is (Cuz she's likely to read this!), but I can guarantee that I probably will never ever surpass or even match it's appropriateness. That's right. From here on out Michelle will feign excitement at the rediculously stupid things I come up with for gifts. (But I'll always get to claim that I got it right once!)

Well, tired or not, I do need some sleep to function tommorow.

Good night and thanks for sharing your thoughts.