Monday, March 28, 2005

Day 14350

Momma, if you please,
Pass me the pork roll egg and cheese,
If you please, on a kaiser bun.

(All blogs should periodically start with Ween lyrics.)

I was reading this forum on Radio Paradise earlier this evening. It's about the Super Size Me movie. I still have not seen this, but am becoming increasingly interested in doing so. Especially now that this movie has been editted and is being sent to the schools for use in health classes.

I have become increasingly conscious of the state of my health lately and admittedly, need to watch what I eat. I don't eat at McDonald's though, so I have that going for me. The reason I avoid the place has nothing to do with the mega-caloric intake one is exposed to at this chain. Instead, it's about taste, or lack there of. Seriously, how do they manage to make onions taste like nothing? Or "shakes" taste like...just what the hell is that taste?

Also, it's about how my body reacts to ingesting food from McDonald's. The last 3 times I visited a Micky D's and ordered anything not on the breakfast menu, I have become sick. Digestively speaking, the "food" caused me to burn the candle at both ends - 3 classic cases of food poisoning from 3 different restaraunt branches in 2 different towns! On the other hand, maybe it was just my body rejecting all that grease and fat. Either way, I've sworn off the arches. It's been over 2 years since I've been in one. No regrets. I will gladly continue to pay more for food from other establishments that limit the use of sugar and preservatives by creatively incorporating real, fresh food into their meals. Novel idea.

Anyway, one has to wonder how the company will or can stay in business with all the bad publicity, mediocre taste, and, in all likelihood, sick customers it generates. Realistically, there must be more than just myself physically reacting in a negative way to their products. I also suppose this post isn't helping either, but I don't give a rats rump. Some people would have tried to sue McDonald's if they had gotten food poisoning. Me, I'll just continue to spread the gospel of "anywhere but the golden arches". Now, if only I could get Jared's gig!

If I could remember what Julia Child used to say to close her shows, I would use it as my send off right here. Oh, yeah...Bon appetit!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Day 14349

Last night at the grocery store, I was standing in line and noticed a booklet that said "Your personal guide to the future". I was so excited - a booklet written specifically for me and no one else! It covers April through June of 2005 and only cost $1.39. It was too good to be true, so I just had to buy it.

This morning, I have been reading up on what is in store for me during the 1st few days of April. I'm going to plan my week accordingly to take full advantage of the diligent research I'm sure was done to ensure that my future is the best it can be. Here's what's in store:

April 1st or Day 14356 - "A tense Moon-Mercury square indicates that you (that's me) need to be very careful how you talk to a supervisor or boss today. Remember that there is a big difference between being honest and being downright artless."

I expected that last word to be "heartless", but whatever. I've decided to take this day off. No sense foolishly taking the risk of offending any of my superiors.

April 2nd aka Day 14357 - "A Venus opposition to Jupiter could put a crimp in your social life or love life today, but only if you let it. Archers have a tendency to overindulge in good food and drink - so watch it."

Well, this day will be a Saturday, so I'm thinking I'll just stay in bed and make sure this opposition doesn't interfere with my self-love life. I'll just need water for that - no liquor. Maybe I'll make up a veggie tray the night before as well.

April 3rd / Day 14358 - "With the Sun opposing Jupiter all day, you could find yourself too tired or overworked to fully enjoy a social engagement that comes your way in the afternoon or evening. Sagittarians are great partiers, but sit this one out."

Hmm. I was thinking that since I'll be taking Friday off from work and staying in bed all day Saturday, that I should be more than rested up for this shindig. And since I am such a great partier, I will ignore this particular day's advice and invite myself to some gathering. I'm sure everything will be OK.

April 4th or Day 14359 - "This is one of those days when you can hit the ground running as the Moon makes a favorable aspect to Pluto in the early hours of the morning. A financial matter you have been somewhat concerned about during the past few weeks is revealed to be a lucky occurrence."

This is terrific news! I'm going to finally do my taxes on this day. I can't believe I haven't ever purchased one of these books before! Easily the best $1.39 I've ever spent, and surely this will be tax deductable next year! Woohoo!

Well, there you have it - a taste of what's in store for me in April. Sounds like it will be an exciting month. Today, however, I'm being a daredevil - living without a horoscope!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Day 14345

OK, I know I said I would post some pics of Paradise after I got back last weekend, but it rained almost non-stop while I was there and I only got one pic. I'll post it along with a real batch of photos after I get up there again next week. Probably.

Enough of that, tonight, let us embrace TMI. That's too much information, for the folks in the cheap seats. I've seen discussions of nose picking and zit popping in other blogs, so I probably won't disgust anyone with my entry and I certainly won't be embarrassed, relative to those entries. So here it is...

On Tuesday, Day 14344, I went to see my chiropractor for my first adjustment. It paid dividends immediately, as I was quickly relieved of the pain in my lower back. In fact, I was in relativecomfortheaven until about noon today, when my back started to stiffen up again. Anyway, I hadn't felt so good in at least 6 months. It had a tremendous effect on my spirits - I was in a fantastic mood! Last night, I also realized that I had, in fact, been pretty miserable for most of the past year. I am now truly excited about the prospects of going outside and hiking, etc. this summer. Presently, it is really good to be alive!

Big deal, right? Where's the TMI? Brace yourselves. The manipulation performed on me did more than just relieve pressure from a pinched nerve. One of the adjustments did a little something to another nerve, which caused me to frequently experience an exclusively male condition the likes I haven't seen since I was in Junior High School. And, it happened over and over, all day long. The rain stopped, I got an erection! The rain started up again, I pitched a tent! The phone rang, I saluted! Somewhere the wind blew... You get the picture. I spent almost the entire day at my desk doing paperwork or at a work bench doing repairs. Whatever it took to cover my crotch, I did. I'm sure I looked like the poor guy we've all seen who walked funny up to the blackboard after being called upon to do some math problem, terror in his eyes.

So, I get off (no pud intended) from work and went to the chiropractor again for a scheduled readjustment. There's a rather curvy receptionist working there who likes to peruse Victoria's Secret catalogs at her desk. I know this. I can't not think of this as I'm sitting in my car in the parking lot. This is a problem. So, I'm worried that I am going to be late for my appointment. I bit the tender skin between my thumb and index finger. Problem solved, eventually.

Mercifully, I was waived straight to the back and quickly got another adjustment. While he was working me over, I mentioned that I thought another nerve had been pinched the day before and told him about my day. He asked why I didn't play hooky from work and spend the day in bed with a girlfriend. Funny guy, that man. Of course, I presently am not seeing anyone. Figures.

Anyway, since today's readjustment, I seem to be back to normal. At least I hope so. Sheesh, maybe I better look at some online porn just to be sure!

Gotta go.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Day 14335

Today, I am procrastinating far too much. Actually, I've been doing that the last 2 weeks! In fact, this entry is part of the foolish process! I consider myself to be someone with a significant level of common sense, so what gives? Maybe I'm not the workaholic I think I am. Maybe, deep down, I'm actually quite lazy. Path of least resistance, right? Well, until it's too late.

This link goes to the definition of a barfly. When I looked at it, there was a stupid ad for who knows what, but it had a neat "contest" (yeah, right!) where if you shot the bank robber, you got a free* iPod. (Beware the asterisk, it means there's a catch!) Anyway, I spent at least 5 minutes practicing aiming with the cursor. I didn't pull the trigger, of course, but that's another story. I was looking that word up after I tried looking up "blogfly". I can't believe there was no entry! Surely, I couldn't have been the first person to think of the word, blogfly.

Anyway, I'm officially coming out of the closet and admitting that I am a blogfly. Meaning I frequent blogs, especially those on my "blogs i visit" list. It's an effective way to procrastinate and I frequently get an emotional tug. Usually, I'm made to laugh, sometimes I swallow hard and fight a tear, occaisionally feel frustrated about another's situation, other times I merely get a glimpse at another's mundane daily tasks. Most deliver all of the above. Either way, this smorgousborg is apparantly so much more interesting than my own goings on, that I frequently use it as an escape. Well, and a way to somehow feel connected to others. These blogs are as entertaining as any movie and far superior to the reality TV shows vying for our daily attention. It's also probably not staged, adding to the intrigue. Cheap entertainment, folks! If you are one of the providers, thank you.

OK, back to the front. There's laundry, packing for 2 trips, eating (Doubles as procrastination!), lawnmowing, and of course, paperwork to do. Honestly, I can't wait until this upcoming week is through, still, I do love my job!

Well, I'll be offline for another week. Man, I so need to ditch this computer and get a laptop.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Day 14334

I'm back from my trip. Time was extremely precious this week and I'm afraid I wasn't able to take all the photos I wanted. Fortunately, I'll be back in Paradise next Thursday and Friday and will take some of the actual town then.

For now, these pics feature views from my commutes into Chico from Paradise taken between 6:30 and 7:00 AM. The first 3 pics were taken from the overlook just southwest of Paradise on the Skyway on Day 14331. This pulloff allows one to view the Butte Creek Canyon. It's springtime now, so the hills are covered with pretty, mostly green vegetation. Come summer, the grass and other plants will dry out and turn brown, creating a major fire hazard. Besides attracting shutterbugs, this overlook is popular for viewing 4th of July fireworks and for those unfortunate souls wishing to say goodbye. Out of respect, I took no photos of the cars at the bottom, nor the calvaries at the top.

Image hosted by
Above is a view of Butte Creek Canyon looking towards the north. Paradise sits on the ridge to the right, above the canyon floor. I am sitting near the ledge of the eastern canyon wall.

Image hosted by
Here we see some wildflowers clinging to the edge of the canyon, along with a portion of my right leg! Annoying, but I still like the flowers.

Image hosted by
And, in what has turned into a running gag, here is the most recent photo of myself - my shadow on the left canyon wall! We are looking west down Butte Creek Canyon. Chico lies at the mouth of this canyon, about 12 miles away and, through the haze, the hard to see mountains on the horizon are the Coastal Range.

The rest of the pics were taken on Days 14330 and 14333, again between 6:30 and 7:00 AM. During these commutes, I drove down Honey Run Road, which I used to live on. This road is about 15 miles long and is very twisty. Over half of the road is one lane only, which makes for some interesting encounters. On Friday, I came across 4 oncoming vehicles at this early hour - used to rarely see a single one! More and more people are taking this road between Chico and Paradise, making it increasingly dangerous. Too bad, but I do understand the attraction.

Image hosted by
So, a view of Honey Run Road in the one lane portion - this is probably the longest straight section. I took this pic because I liked how the road seemed to disappear into the growth. It looks fake.

Image hosted by
This is a tiny waterfall, about 1 foot wide and 25 feet high, right next to the road on a sharp curve. It is hard to see because of its size and location behind the trees. It is easiest to find by turning off the stereo and listening for the sound of water. I don't know if it is named.

Image hosted by
So, the waterfall flows into Butte Creek, which carved the canyon. Built in 1894, this bridge is called the Honey Run Covered Bridge and is one of a kind. Its claim to fame is that it's the only covered bridge in the U.S. with three distinctive roof lines.

Image hosted by
Shortly before leaving the canyon for the flat orchard land surrounding Chico, we find this old, moss-covered fence. In the foreground is the older rock portion, with the zig-zag design of the newer timber section behind.

Image hosted by
Besides the moss, here's some more evidence of the somewhat higher humidity at the bottom of the canyon. Yes, we have fungus among us. Mmmm, shrooms.

I usually took Honey Run Road in to work at least once a week when I lived in Paradise and took it back up the hill at least once a month after work. Back when it was rarely driven, it was an incredibly relaxing commute. I miss it and the way it brought me back in touch with nature. Big change from dealing with the traffic generated by the foolish sprawl that has become Sacramento.

Oh, have I mentioned how much I love spring?

Anyway, more pics to come next week. Goodnight!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Day 14328

So, in about an hour I'm heading north to Paradise! Those who hang out at RP know of its significance. I lived there for a couple of years and know of some pretty sights or sites, take your pick. I'm bringing along the camera and will be back with photos to share with youse all.

A short and sweet one. Have a good week!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Day 14325

Wow! What a difference a day makes. Last night I started writing a post. It began something like this..."I have 4 subjects I could write about. One of them is positive, the rest, well you know." (I took a quick break to start laundry) "Well, now there are 4 subjects that aren't as pleasant as puppies. (I got even more bummed out by an amber alert) The odds weren't good to begin with - sorry." ...That's as far as I made it. I never finished that post. (You're welcome!)

So, what caused the big change in attitude? Well, truthfully, I just finished paying my bills! I'm being serious. I just spent a bunch of money paying for necessities and for some past extravagances. Then, I did a budget. I needed a new budget because of something that happened Wednesday. Yesterday, I met with my chiropractor and set up a game plan to get my messed-up back, unmessed-up. The cost was higher than I expected, but I'm going to be able to swing it. It won't be easy, in fact, my savings account will be empty when I'm done. I also might have to have a weekly "sandwich day", so that I'll have some token cash for entertainment, but I'll manage. It'll be tight for the next 4 months, but my chiropractor and I are confident that I will finally be free of pain! It's going to be SO worth it!

When I was younger, and I DON'T mean much younger, I was foolish enough to think I would never need medical insurance or the like. Indestructible, don'tcha know?!? Well, reality stopped by and smacked me on the back of my head! My back has gotten so bad that I collapse to the ground several times a week from the spasms. I don't remember when it stopped being embarrassing and instead scary, but it did.

Now, in 2 weeks, I get to start my treatment! After 4 months, I should feel like a normal person and should only need an infrequent adjustment to maintain status quo. I also will need to wear a 1/2" lift on my left shoe. That leg is a little shorter. Guess how much? :wink: I wasn't mentally prepared to hear that, but, again, the lack of pain will totally be worth it!

Guess all I need now is some patience. Uh-oh! Maybe I could go to a rental yard and get me some. Or maybe I could beg for it on the street. Wouldn't that get some strange looks? Ha!

Anywho...May your muscles never ache and your bones never break (and your heart, too!) Goodnight.