Monday, January 02, 2006

Day 14619

I'm wide awake when I should be asleep. Miss Blu is asleep but experiencing flu-like symptoms. So am I, but didn't want to tell her. She would be overly concerned with me and probably make herself feel worse thinking that we were making each other sicker. Or is that more sick? Wicked sick? Yeah, I like that one.

I hate being sick. I am probably the biggest whiner in the world after about a week of experiencing cold symptoms, or the flu. I let my frustration get the best of me. Chances are those around me get frustrated with my pissing and moaning during those times too.

So, not only am I awake, but the goobers are as well. They think I don't know, but I can hear the pages turning as they read. I get mixed feelings about that. They constantly stay awake reading, but at least they aren't sneaking out. However, their school starts on Wed. and they need to get their sleep schedule stabilized. At the same time, I rarely read as a kid...something I really regret. I know it is valuable for them, so I guess that's why I let it go. Don't want them to have to stare blankly into space whenever someone references anything from some story. Besides, you really can't win a game of Trivial Pursuit without having had access to some of the great and not-so-great literary works. Useless trivia for youse all...I have only ever won one game of Trivial Pursuit. The question that won it for me was "Who wrote the Peanuts cartoon strip?", which, of course, was Charles M. Schulz! (Cartoons were perfect for my short attention span!)

Here's something ironic. Not only did I use to hate reading, but writing as well when I was a wee tyke of about, say 15. Now I want to write...not really blogs, but screenplays! My Sweetie gave me a gift for Christmas to help me along in the process. It's some software I've wanted for a couple of years. It's really cool, but I'm getting the feeling that my lack of reading in the past is going to significantly hurt my writing skills. We'll see. Add to this that my 1st attempt was a false start and my second has an issue as well. Seems my idea matches a little too closely to my past family life. I'm concerned that they might figure it out and be offended. Also, it touches a nerve in me that causes some emotional discomfort. Still haven't figured out whether I will try to write it or not. We'll see.

Hey! I just yawned! Maybe I'll be able to sleep soon! It's worth a shot. Time to tell the goobers bed time was over an hour ago. Boy, I really am the evil adult!