Monday, February 28, 2005

Day 14322

Well, I'm feeling like a slacker today, so...

bold the states you've been to, underline the states you've lived in and italicize the state you're in now...

Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C /

Go HERE to have a form generate the HTML for you.

So, I swiped this from Alison, who swiped it from Allan, who swiped it from his brother, Mike, who swiped it from Bet. Hmmm, that was a lot of work. I should have just gone (formerly "went") straight to the source!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Day 14321

I've never kept a journal in the past that wasn't part of some school exercise and even that was mostly fake. This has been real. This blog has been very valuable to me in its ability to help me think some things through. Some of the feedback from all youse out there has helped quite a bit as well. Admittedly, I guess this has been a selfish exercise. It's time for a curveball (Timely baseball references rule!)

This link goes to a site that will allow a person to make a donation to a worthwhile cause. The cause is Krista Wallace's Team In Training. This is a program where individuals, in this case, Krista (who is a very sweet lady), are trained to participate in an endurance race, specifically the Lavaman Triathlon. In return The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society gets some much needed funds to aid in the research of a cure. This is a win-win arrangement.

Anyway, those of you who know Krista know she has been dealt a surprising little hand and because of this, probably has had a tougher time raising the funds (Her goal is $4800 US) than originally anticipated. So, I had an idea. Looking at my stats page for this Blog, enough different people have visited here, that if only each of us had donated $1 US, she would surpass her goal! Presently, she is exactly $400 away. Please help this lady reach her goal and many suffering individuals reach theirs, by making just a token donation. One small gesture could mean so much! Krista doesn't know I'm doing this, but if she did, she would certainly thank each of you for your help. I'd like to thank you for considering it.

If you would like more information on the program, check out these sites. The Why. and Team in Training.

And again, to donate to Krista's Team in Training, click here.

Have some good karma!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Day 14317

I wrote this earlier this evening, but just didn't feel brave enough to post it. Since then, I read The Mental Pukings of a Pop Culture Junkie and changed my mind.

Late last night, while I was looking for a new avatar to wear while visiting Radio Paradise, I ran across a photo of a couple kissing. I couldn't help but notice that the young man was kissing her upper lip, and she his lower lip. A sad realization came over me that it has been so long since I've kissed someone full on the lips that I do not know which lip I prefer. I think it is the lower one, because it's my favorite lip to look at. (Yes, I have a favorite!)

That's as much as I had written. It bummed me out. Actually, it really bothered me. I can't blame fate for my...drought, and I certainly don't believe there is some sort of conspiracy or anything like that. Instead I suffer from something much worse, a self-imposed lack of closure. S#!% or get off the pot, right?

I've hinted at the reason a couple of times on this blog, but here it is. I have never told this lady how I really felt about her and that I haven't been able to let go. I have almost everything I need in order to tell her how I feel. Almost. Reminds me of the lion stuck in Oz.

This has really harmed my recent relationships in that they had no potential to go anywhere, yet I wasn't honest with myself or others about that fact. This is well past the point of becoming a serious problem and needs to be fixed, quick.

Well, enough for now. I've stayed up far too late...gotta get some sleep.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Day 14316

I've decided I need a side-kick. Not someone to simply hang out with, but like in cartoons or movies, the bumbling, good-natured idiot who never gets the girl. Yeah, that would be perfect!

It would have to be a guy, who was shorter than me and in worse shape. That way as I age and slowly lose the battle of the bulge, people won't be as likely to notice. I think he should have lots of freckles, but definitely no red hair. He'll always walk one step behind me and off to the side and will be the ultimate "yes" man. Oh baby, it all coming together now!

Let's see, he'll have to have a catch-phrase. Damn, this is getting harder. OK, how about "I don't know, I'm confussed!"? And, no, that isn't a typo - it'll be a hip, new pronunciation! I'll have to have t-shirts made up saying "I'm confussed!" on them, for the merchandising. Oooh yeah, if this takes off, I won't have to work! Sweet.

I think his wardrobe is going to have to include exclusively flannel shirts. Sort of Canadian lumberjack-esque. Ooooh, here we go, his favorite food will be Canadian bacon and he'll actually know how it differs from regular bacon, but he won't tell anyone! He'll only look up and squint when asked about the difference. That will be his one cool thing. Also, he'll only eat the Canadian bacon with hot Chinese mustard along with some fried potato wedges on the side! Nice.

OK, what am I forgetting? A name. My sidekick has got to have a name, and jeans, or else it will just be creepy. I think I'll go with Chris. (Apologies to all you Chris's out there.) Yeah, Chris, after the Chris who used to be on the David Letterman Show, or whatever it was called back then. He's a doof...should fit nicely.

OK, so to wrap it up, my new sidekick, named Chris, has lots of freckles and wears flannel shirts. He eats Canadian bacon with hot Chinese mustard and potato wedges, which is probably why he is out of shape. Finally, he always agrees with me and is frequently "confussed".

Any questions? OK, who wants the job? It pays nadda, zip, squat. Interested parties should send a resume, complete with a 5" x 7" photo to me at whatever address was assigned for this blog. Sorry, no nude photos, please.


So...anyone else starting to feel a little wierd, possibly from some sort of effect from tomorrow's up-coming full moon? I'm not alone. Over at Radio Paradise in the AU, a bunch of people (including me) are running around calling themselves some form of Jenny! Gotta be the moon. Unless it's the margaritas.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Day 14315

I found out this morning that Hunter S. Thompson had apparently committed suicide. I recognized the name as the man behind Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but I can't really claim to have been that much of a fan of his. I've been reading many posts this evening about how he "touched" this person or that person, was a hero, etc., I just don't fall into that category. Fear and Loathing was an interesting movie, but my ultimate reaction to the main character was "how pathetic".

That response is ironic in that I've had my scuffle with various substances. When the movie came out I was still actively using one thing or another. Today, I enjoy drinking wine and some robust beers. I drink for the flavor; no longer consuming mass quantities for the purpose of getting drunk. I also don't play with any other drugs.

Tonight, I also saw a message from someone who was upset that a friend had told this person that "You are always high!". I've also gotten the feeling in the past that this person regularly does use weed for recreational purposes, though I could be wrong. I almost posted a response. I didn't because I wasn't confident I could do it without sounding condescending.

Look, I don't think there is anything really that wrong with using pot. In fact, I think it makes more sense to legalize it and make liquor illegal. It's just that since 1998, I've decided that "cuz" just wasn't a good enough reason for me to smoke the stuff. Especially, when I have a mother with MS and a friend with chronic pain, who both could really use the pot for legitimate medical purposes. Yet, U.S. Federal law says, "No way, Jose!". (Insert eye rolling icon here) There's just too much guilt for me to enjoy the stuff and, besides, what's so bad about dealing with reality? Some of my favorite experiences were real!

Anyway, like I said, I didn't respond. I also didn't ooh and ah over Hunter S. Thompson, even though I now am interested in reading some of his works. (Just wanna know what all the hubbub is about.) I have regularly voted for the legalization of medical mari-ganja and will continue to try to convince my Mom that it is OK for her. Finally, I honestly don't see myself lighting up in the future. My how times (I) have changed!

...I been re-reading this since I wrote it. Preachy, eh? I don't know. Do your own thing, right? Just leave enough for the people who could really use it to alleviate migraine headaches, dizziness, and the loss of appetite from taking painkillers. They need it more than you need to quench a "cuz". Know what I mean? You catching my drift? Ya' pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?


Friday, February 18, 2005

Day 14312

So, I just got done watching the movie, Skins. I would have put up a link to Amazon, but it keeps showing up as my account. Anyway, search for it on here. I really enjoyed it. It has some funny moments, but is really a drama. Graham Greene is in it. He has done many native american movies, Thunderheart and Dances With Wolves come to mind. Terrific actor.

Anyway, it was shot mostly on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in SD. The scenery made me long to return home. The upper midwest is beautiful in spring and fall, not so great during winter and summer, IMO.

OK. I keep falling asleep and don't want to get a premature stiff neck. That's right, I'll be working on my Toyota tomorrow. That alone will give me a bad back, so no sense getting a head start now.

So, yes, I am just too sleepy. And lastly, I am not in a bad mood from my last post. Yes, I was saddened when I wrote it, but too many good memories saved me from a funk. Goodnight.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Day 14309

I unlocked Eric's door and sat down to eat some fast food while I watched TV. He had no idea that I would be coming up that weekend. After I finished eating, I straightened up his living room to get ready for the weekend's recording. I was so excited to share the then "new" Eels cd, Souljacker, with him. I just knew Eric was going to be stunned at the similarities to the stuff we were recording! "This was going to be a great weekend!", I thought.

I couldn't really contain my excitement and almost made the 20 mile drive north of town to pick him up from work. I decided not to, as I thought that by the time I arrived, he probably would have just left. So I waited. And I waited. Then, I waited some more. I was getting tired and figured he must have asked to be dropped off at Sean's instead of coming home. Well, I figured I just couldn't stay awake anymore, anyhow, so I left for Russ' place to crash.

The next morning, I again went to Eric's place, expecting to see him there. Well, either that or I figured he might still be at Sean's. The door was wide open when I got there and Sean, Andy, and Mike (Brother Rod) were glassy-eyed and obviously surprised to see me. There was a long silence. I cleaned out the fridge, throwing away food that was about to expire or already had.

The title Portrait of Contemporary Waste is not of my mind, but the title of a song written by Eric A. Skerbeck before he was killed by a drunk driver. The accident occurred 3 years ago to the day. I haven't recorded a thing since, and our masters are still in storage. I've tried to mix the songs we did, but I keep breaking down. I feel guilty that I haven't put the finishing touches on these recordings and think I owe him something, so here are the lyrics to the song...

Portrait of Contemporary Waste

Timed out, sync, and I'm goin' insane
I don't wanna go where they're goin'
Timed out, sync, and I'm goin' insane
I don't wanna go where they're goin'

`Cause I'm a portrait of a contemporary waste of a man
Ain't that proud of who I am
Of constituents, literally, I have few
No one ever said, "Hey, I voted for you."
But that's OK `cause I'm cold and wet
Thoughtless and godless and completely inept

Timed out, sync, and I'm goin' insane
I don't wanna go where they're goin'
Timed out, sync, and I'm goin' insane
I don't wanna go where they're goin'

I got a carnival queen sittin' next to me
The fungus I ate is makin' her gleam
And some motherfu**er on the other side
Took a bite out of my brain `n swallowed my pride
So I had to ask him how it tasted
A bite out of a life I've completely wasted

Timed out, sync, and I'm goin' insane...

And it's harder to speak than it is to smoke
So I light up some words that someone else spoke
I guess I got out early `cause I blew the jailer
The girl I like is straight out the trailer

Timed out, sync, and I'm goin' insane
I don't wanna go where they're goin'
Timed out, sync, and I'm goin' insane
I don't wanna go where they're goin'
Timed out, sync, and I'm goin' insane
I don't wanna go where they're goin'
Insane, I'm synced, and I'm goin' insane
I don't wanna go where they're goin'


Rest in peace, Brother Claude. I miss you.

Todd F. Gaäd

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Day 14307

So, today I finished the yard work I wasn't able to get to last weekend and came across something surprising. See, earlier in the week, I had taken out the garbage and one of the bags broke. During the spill, a glass jar of Kraft Miracle Whip broke, causing me to swear with reckless abandon! Well, I was on my way in to work when this happened and so I just left it there. Unfortunately, I forgot about it...until today. The white concoction was still white, but had dried out. The location of the spill was in an area that can't get wet from rain, but is also shaded from the sun. So, here's the deal...NO MOLD!

How can it be that something humans injest, won't grow mold in a cool, humid (it didn't get wet, but it's been humid here lately) place after admittedly 4 days? Shouldn't all forms of real food grow mold? My only conclusion is that I should not be eating this stuff! However, I like the taste of Miracle Whip and can't stand regular Mayo. You see my dilemma?

Anyway, after the yardwork was done, I cleaned my garage. To say it needed it was an understatement. I now have tools stored with like tools and can even walk around the car. Of course, I can't start this car, but I can get around it! And next weekend, when I get 2 whole days off in a row, I can use my newly organized tools to fix the car. I think I got about 4 more hours of work to do on it before it starts. At least, I hope that is all that will be required. Anyway, I'm babbling...the garage is clean! Twas an exciting day!

Still, the Miracle Whip incident was bothering me. Today is Sunday, I should be resting, not getting stressed out by something Kraft sells. So, I grabbed a Mirror Pond out of the fridge and climbed into my hammock. Georgia, the neighbor's kitty, spotted me and decided to join me...for the relaxation, not the beer. She hopped up on my stomach and started cat-napping, which is a form of sleep cats have perfected, but have refused to teach us. Bastids! Well, I polished off the beer and followed her lead.

I was still wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. It was cloudy today, but comfortably cool - I'd say about 60 degrees - and a very light mist was trying to reach us through the oak tree branches. Once in a while I would feel some light drops, but it was pretty rare. I awoke about 5:30 pm, with goose bumps on my arms and no sign of Georgia. Got me a solid 1-1/2 hour nap! The stress of the week has disapeared, but I'm still not buying Miracle Whip anymore. I'll get Thousand Island dressing instead, as only a portion of it is made from a mayonaise-like product! Join the revolution!

Good evening folks...time for some supper.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Day 14306

I have a National Geographic Society map of Australia on the wall above my computer. It came from my friend Eric's apartment, which we had utilized as a recording studio. I have no idea why the map was deemed significant enough to initially put up, but it obviously was important to him. I have it now, because no one else wanted it when we dismantled the studio. It's important to me for several reasons, the least significant being that someday I want to visit Tasmania. Actually, three years ago, I was fantasizing about moving there and could have been easily talked into it.

Once in a while, I still think about relocating there, but I'm not the least bit serious. I just fantasize like that because I enjoy the "trip". Nine years ago, I was much more serious about leaving the country. I attempted to relocate to New Zealand, but wasn't allowed to. New Zealand is rather protective of its employment opportunities and I didn't have enough points to be considered immigration material. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine franticly searches for her brand of sponge which had been discontinued. Upon acquiring some of the sponges, she starts to interview prospective partners to see if they are "spongeworthy"! One of my favorite episodes. "Yeah, like I said, I'll shave the sideburns!" Ha! Ha! Anywho, I didn't have enough points to move there as an employee and couldn't afford to start my own company there either. New Zealand requires a hefty fee in addition to the startup capital one would need. Lastly, I didn't try to seek out a female citizen who might have found me "spongeworthy". So, I struck out.

I have been asked many times why I would want to leave the U.S.. It's not what I think is wrong with our country, as opposed to what I think is right with New Zealand. Anyway, my reasons aren't really important, here. Just suffice it to say I was willing to move and would have changed my citizenship without any regrets. You know, grass is always greener...

Getting back to Tasmania...I fantasize about the white water rafting, the slower pace of life, the mild climate, the low crime rate, the lower cost of living, the appreciation of the traditional craft industries, the access to the sea, the live music scene, and of course the fishing. I won't go there for any reason other than a visit because, well, because of hope. I could go into specifics, I just don't feel like explaining to you, or even myself, when I haven't discussed it with the one who makes me hopeful.

Well, I see I took my sweet time writing what little I have posted here tonight and now I am tired. You can bet that I will fall asleep thinking about the sea and fishing in Tasmania. Also, I think I'll add in a fun, little 2-seater sports car. Is this the start of a mid-life crisis?


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Day 14304

Iway ishway Iway adhay omethingsay unnyfay otay ostpay. I'mway
inway ireday eednay ofway onsensenay, asway Iway illway ebay
ockingray omeone'ssay orldway omorrowtay andway it'sway otnay
oinggay otay ebay away oodgay ingthay. Urtherfay, asedbay onway
at'swhay eenbay oinggay onway ithway isthay ersonpay atelylay,
itway isway eryvay ikelylay atthay ethay eoplepay aroundway
isthay ersonpay illway avehay otay ealday ithway ethay
acklashbay. Isthay isn'tway airfay otay osethay innocentway
eoplepay, utbay Iway eednay otay oday atwhay Iway eednay otay
oday. Isthay uckssay. Iway opehay Iway eepslay omesay

I'llway ebay ackbay atway away aterlay ateday.

Does anyone know ible-dible? That may not be the correct spelling, but it's pronounced "eye-bull die-bull". When I was in 8th grade, 2 girls in my Latin class (I'm serious), spoke it. I never cracked the "code". I always felt a little stupid about it. Anyway, I always wanted to learn it, because it was so much more rare than the "language" above. Besides, it sounded cool!

Anyway, that's it for tonight. Buh-bye!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Day 14302

OK, so I have never pretended that this was a site devoted to food or cooking, but I saw an image that Rexi posted of Züri Gschnätzlets over at the forum titled Show Us Your Local Cuisine on the best radio station on the `net. Here's what it looks like...Mmmmm.

So, I had to go hunting for a recipe. The problem is I don't speak or read Swiss and those online translation sites give you such quirky responses, they lose a lot of the meaning. Anway, I finally found a recipe in English and here it is. I'd love to cook this for dinner tonight, but I need to go find some "gravy-powder". Looks like it's an European thing. Well, at least, I've never heard of it before. Also, I need to figure out how in the heck you are supposed to "increase the heat, but do NOT cook it"?!? What am I supposed to do, turn up the heat, but take the pan off the stove and stare at the burner?

So, to me, it looks like it just belongs with some lightly herbed and buttered noodles, no? I just can't see myself serving this with hash browns, a food I've reserved strictly for breakfasts. And, no, I don't give a crap about carbs. What a load of crock that diet is anyway. I've lived in SE Asia, trust me, you can be thin and eat tons of carbs! Millions of people do it! You just have to eat slowly, stop eating when you are full, and get some frickin' exercise!

Anyway, I digress. I've got today off from work, a clean kitchen, a healthy appetite, and a hankerin' for some dish I can't pronounce! Time to go buy some groceries!

Have a good afternoon!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Day 14301

So, I was just checking out my High School's graduating class' web page. (Too many possessives?) Anyway, I was reading the descriptions of my former classmates. For the most part, things are very rosy! Very little trial or hardships. Couldn't stop thinking that I wished I had lied in mine, stating how bad things are in my life. Basically, try to make myself sound like the biggest loser, ever.

This is what I had in mind...

Name - Melvin "Stinky" Schlabotnik
Status - Divorced, 5 times.
Children - Lots, but none I support.
Occupation - Currently unable to work due to PBF, or Persistent Bottle Flu.
Awards - Once beat a speeding ticket because the officer failed to appear!
Greatest Accomplishment - Published in Penthouse Forum. Yeah, Baby!
Favorite Books - Any porn, as long as it's JUST women!
Favorite Music - Anything by Billy Ray Cyrus
Favorite Food - McDonald's
My Pet Peeve - Who would name a pet, "Peeve"?
Favorite HS Memory - Telling Principal Jones to "Get bent!" Yeah!!!
Favorite Teacher - Yeah, right! They all sucked!
Hobbies/Free Time - Strip clubs, horse tracks, and cooking (meth) Ha!
Since HS - Still drinkin', dinkin', and stinkin'! Ooowww!!!
Things I would do different in HS - Nothing, man, I miss those days!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Day 14300

So today I, along with millions of others, watched the Super Bowl. It was a good game. But I'm not gonna talk about the game, nope, not a peep. I did enjoy it, however.

Instead, I will mention an individual who came along for the ride. Let's call him Bruce, as in the movie, They Call Me Bruce?. Bruce was a friend of a friend who had been invited to watch the game at a semi-private party. A mutual friend had invited both of us to attend as his guests, using tickets he had won in some contest.

Now this was not your ordinary Super Bowl party. There wasn't even any chips or dip! Instead, there were BBQ chicken, BBQ ribs, brats, assorted salads, beer & other alcoholic beverages, prizes, many large couches, several big screen TV's and girls. The girls were well versed in the "art" of holding onto poles while they wiggled, if you get my drift.

Well, a couple of days before this shindig, Bruce let his wife know about his plans for Super Bowl Sunday. He left nothing out, not wanting to be deceptive. In other words, he fessed up to the fact that there would be some women there trying to make a living by showcasing their, uh, rhythm. His wife asked him if he was sure he wanted to go or maybe do something else instead. He said he'd be crazy to miss this game that only comes once a year and assured her that he would behave.

When the event came, to his credit he, well, actually all of us, behaved like gentlemen. We saw nothing in any detail, only curves and we accepted no private dances. Though, we certainly did discuss several of the ladies' more pleasant attributes. After half-time, all the ladies left. After that it was just another afternoon watching football, eating too much BBQ, and drinking beer. It was a pretty good day.

Oh, yeah, so back to Bruce. Up to the point when he realized that he needed to stop at a drug store, Bruce had a terrific time. As he should, considering it was he and his wife's 6th anniversary! Everyone should wish Bruce, "Good Luck". I think he'll need it! By the way, the card was actually quite sweet.

Well, on that note, let me wish you all a good night!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Day 14299b

Well, my uncle's surgery went well! The next hurdle is taking him off the respirator in a few hours. The doctor expects him to be fine. Whew.

On a less serious note...

This past Friday, Day 14298, was not documented in any form on this blog. There is no secret portal you can click to view it, no password you can type to see it, and no special handshake that will gain you acceptance into any small clique of those-in-the-know. What a pity! It might have been kind of cool. No, there is just the following...

I left my friend's house in Paradise, CA at 7:AM and started to drive to work in Chico. It was a beautiful, clear morning and the sun was just about to come up over the horizon. Realizing I had a whole hour before I had to be at work, a sudden sense of adventure came over me. (I just love that devious little thrill and the associated rush that comes with it!) So, I pointed the truck towards Honey Run Road and decided I would take this alternate route into Chico.

I used to do this about once a month back when I lived in Paradise. It was a great way to relieve stress, especially on the way home when traffic was bad. Honey Run Road is rarely ever travelled, at least the full length of it, probably because 1/2 of the approximately 15 mile stretch is a one-lane road.

Heading south, the road winds down into a canyon and settles into a position between the south canyon wall and Honey Run Creek. It is a twisty drive, with far too few areas to pull out should oncoming traffic approach. Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a commute! I didn't see a soul as I drove the length of it at a slower-than-leisurely pace.

The views were spectacular! Spring has always been my favorite season, and the recent rains had given life to the now green grass. Occasionally, I got a glimpse of the creek through the trees and peaks at several houses, both rustic and new. There's also a covered bridge that's still standing that you can see as you drive by. I arrived at work relaxed and in a terrific mood, even though I was kind of kicking myself for not packing the camera! I would have loved to share some photos of the "trip" here on this blog. Next time I promise not to forget it.

Anyway, that was the highlight of my day. What could have been a tedious, occasionally stressful commute into work was instead a nice drive through the country! I wish I could do it every day.

If any of you have an alternate route you can take into work, I recommend it. That little change of scenery is just enough to kick start the brain and make you appreciate, well, our world! Besides, call me paranoid if you must, but it throws big brother off the trail!

Day 14299a

I am in need of some primal scream therapy. My uncle has been on a waiting list for a heart transplant for 4 years now and finally got the call yesterday that he was "on deck". Today, he had surgery and I can't get ANY info. on his condition! It's driving me nuts! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

Those of you with spiritual leanings, your wishes, prayers, and good vibes for my uncle would be greatly appreciated. For me, Chinese Tea will do just fine.

I'm going to try to get some sleep. Will try to post more later tonight.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Day 14297

Getting on here early today, as I came back into town even earlier this morning and have to head right back out on the road. So, I won't be posting for a few evenings.

Well, on Day 14293, I mentioned that I wanted to meet someone from RP. Well, it almost happened! Instead, we chatted on the phone for a couple of short visits. Very pleasant and, admittedly, somewhat strangely comfortable conversation with BluEyes, who is in northern CA. Kind of got surprised...I knew someone on RP was from Redding, but I had inadvertedly thought it was someone other than BluEyes. Anyway, the prior night we had dropped each other a few notes online and I'm sure that was a contributing factor in the comfort level, as well as the fact that she is simply a nice person. Looking forward to finally getting a face-to-face in the near future!

Anywho...In other news...

So, this co-worker of mine has a huge need to impress people and will work even when he shouldn't be. That's why I'm heading out of town again. I watched him hobble around on a cane last night while his knee regularly tried to bend in an unconventional direction! Looked like cooked spaghetti! He has freight coming in, an inventory discrepency recount to do, and still deal with customers today! Can't you just see the workman's comp forms piling up? Ugh!

So, I'm outta here!

Oh, did you ever notice that North, East, West, South or NEWS = news? Coincidence? Feel free to give me your thoughts on this.

Have a good day!