Thursday, July 21, 2005

Day 14464

My goal for today... Much like a fan dancer, I will tease and titillate you, my faithful readers! I haven't been posting much lately, but do not think that that is because I haven't experienced enough interesting things to share. Truth is some of them are just too interesting, so are kept close for personal reasons! Then again, just in case upon hearing such amazing things, you have a head that might explode, I have showed a liberal amount of consideration and spared you from such a horrific event! OK...WTF was I babbling about? Oh... Today, well, I have much glorious and exciting and amazing things to say, sure to enthrall you!

BTW, today's word according to the High Mistress of Eternal Wisdom and Seduction, aka Michelle, is "enthrall". I just used the word enthrall in a sentence for the third time in a row! Your challenge today is to see if you can do the same or even better! Now, back to our regularly scheduled rambling...

Surprise! It appears I won't be posting any of the afore-mentioned goodies and gossip until the lovely Michelle and I conclude our weekend camping trip on the coast somewhere in Northern California!

There. You have been sufficiently teased! I am one evil little bastid, ain't I?!?

May you all have a terrific weekend! As Nanci Griffith says...See y'all real soon! Oh, and the album I linked to has got to be one of the best live albums of all time! High praise, coming from me!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Day 14461

Ok, so lately I have not been posting at the usual crazed pace which made you all question whether or not you were wasting too much time on my blog. Well, now that you know it was a waste of time, let me explain the lack of posts. It seems that when one enters into a relationship with another of the opposite sex, one has less time to pursue other interests, or what I like to call "diversions". Also, I tend to want to keep some things just for us. - Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to have found Michelle? I am. - Where was I? Right... Ironically, my incredibly good fortune has apparently been yours as well. However, unfortunately for you, tonight the party is over! I've rediscovered my keyboard and have prepared, or rather outright poached, a totally comprehensive distraction to waste more of your precious time!

I got this from Mike Sheffler, who writes a blog entitled Cone of Ignorance. You probably felt like there should have been a "The" at the beginning of the title. So did I. Anyway, I actually don't know him, I just took the opportunity to use his full name to insinuate that I actually was acquainted with him in some way. I'm not. So, having successfully turned you're mind to mush, my job here is done! Check this out...

This is a quiz to find out which Arrested Development Character Are You! And, as it turns out, I am...

Which Arrested Development Character Are You?

Clicking on the above graphic allows you to take the quiz! Ain't that just keen?

Any questions?

Ok, yes, she's incredible!

No more questions.

Good night!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Day 14454

Today, I met a billionaire. OK, so after this evening's posts in the AU, I know this is not what anyone expects me to write about, but so be it. Where was I? Right. Today, I met a billionaire. He is what is commonly referred to as new money, as he inherited his wealth less than a year ago. He came into the store and was obviously lonely. He talked nonstop for what seemed like an eternity. Everytime a subject was coming to a natural close, he would go off on some tangent.

He mentioned being bored. Having retired because he was told to. Taking up golf, because he was told to. Hanging out with the Maloof's and other bigwigs because they were in his economic class. He was the most miserable person making $37 million per year in dividends I have ever met. Actually, he was the wealthiest person I ever met face to face. He was sad.

He mentioned how he was going insane from not knowing what to do next. How retirement was almost painfull. How much he hated the down time. Me, I couldn't do it. I don't think I could behave so aimlessly for such a long period just because the bills were already paid. I told him at the very least I would travel. Then, I mentioned my standard dream vacations to Tasmania and New Zealand. He asked me why and I gave him my explanations. Next thing I know, he offers to take me there!

OK. Would love to go. Would love to not have to pay for it. But can't take advantage of a lonely guy just because he can easily afford to pay my way. Oh, and BTW, I don't believe he's gay. We had earlier discussed the junk mail he must get. It contained letters from people asking for handouts, credit card offers, business offers, and, he said, 6 proposals of marriage from men! He made an "icky" face. Interestingly, no offers of marriage from women, though he did say that he frequently gets asked out by ladies when he goes to the bank. How pathetic is that? Fortunately, he's well aware of what they are after.

Anyway, like I said, he is sad - looks almost exhausted, even, from what I presume is a neverending line of people looking for handouts and fake friendships. Seems wierd to me that he would latch onto me so quickly. I imagine he is still getting used and abused by his inability to slowly find individuals he can trust. Are you getting the picture here? Long story short, I feel sorry for a guy who makes millions annually, doing nothing but signing his name to dividend checks! Makes me wonder if I really ever want to win the lottery. Ironically, I bought 2 quick-picks earlier in the day. Makes you think.

(Date & time of post altered to reflect that I started and just barely fell short of finishing this last night!)